Tips & Tools to Help You Create a Tour

Need a little bit of help creating your Built Story tours? Here are some tools and guidelines to help you simplify the process and get your tours up and running in no time.

Ready to get started with your Built Story tour creation? Here are a few tips to get you going.

1. Find an interesting story. 

It has been said that stories are facts with a soul. Central to Built Story are storytelling and creating meaningful user experiences. 

Remember that this is more of a journey and less of a dry directory of information. 

Some examples of stories could be:

  • Linking homeschool curriculum to travel: historic spots in Boston through the lens of your children’s studies

  • Interpretation of Atlanta’s Art in Public Places

  • Mohammad Ali's Miami Beach

  • The Farm-to-Table Journey: Tracking Vegetables from Farm to Restaurant

  • Best of New Orleans’ Creole, and Its History

  • Paul Revere’s Journey Through Boston

  • Henry Flagler’s Original Structures in Downtown Miami

2. Paint a dynamic picture.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So be sure to tell your story (in part) with some visual aids. Content at each stop can be text, audio file, video file, or still images. You can combine any of those elements to tell your story.

3. Telling your story.

Aside from the media options mentioned above, you'll also want to add text descriptions to your tours.
When writing a description for the whole tour, you have a 300-character count maximum.

When writing a description for each tour stop, you have a 2000-character count maximum.

4. Keep it fun & friendly.

Tours must not contain any hate speech or disparagement of people or groups. We are here

to share our rich, beautiful stories--the stories that make up our neighborhoods, our

communities, and the unique fabric of our world.

5. Make it a journey. 

The number of tours on your stop can vary based on the type of tour it is (walking, biking, or driving), and the topics being discussed. However, we have received the best feedback from tours that contain at least 15 stops. 

6. Make your walking tours "walkable."

When creating walking tours: We have received the best feedback when stops are very close

together--a comfortable walking distance apart. When possible, stops should be no more than

one block apart. This allows Tour Takers a chance to rest, find shade on sunny days, and break apart the potential monotony of a longer walk.

7. Be mindful of physical abilities.

If creating tours through a public park or public land, do communicate in the tour

description where amenities such as water, shelter, or facilities can be accessed. Keep in mind

different people's fitness abilities before creating and publishing challenging walking or biking

tours. Be sure to communicate in the tour description what your Tour Takers should expect.

8. Use a desktop or laptop computer.

Tours can only be created via our website through a web browser. They are purchased and

taken on a mobile app.

9. Use this helpful worksheet!

We recommend first creating your tour within a Word document, Google Docs, or Dropbox Paper before entering it into the Built Story platform. Here's a free template you can use!

Workshopping your tour outside of the Tour Creator Dashboard ensures you do not lose any progress. This way you can easily store, access, and update before submitting your tour through your dashboard.

For more information on the Tour Creator Dashboard, click here.