What type of tours can I create on Built Story?

Built Story lets you create tours in 9 in-demand categories, allowing you to target the right audience for your tour.

The Built Story app categorizes tours to make it easier for tour takers to search for and find the best tour for their particular interests. When creating your tour, you will be given a list of categories to choose from in order to best classify your tour and serve it up to the right audience.

Below, we've highlighted the available categories on Built Story and provided an example tour for each to help you better select the best category for your tour.


Architectural tours take guests on an adventure exploring the perspectives, history, architects, artists, and aesthetics behind the buildings, important sites, and structures in an area.

A tour could focus on broad topics or on a particular genre of architecture, like the following Miami Beach Art Deco Tour.

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Art & Culture

These tours explore a wide range of fun artistic, social, and cultural components. An Art & Culture tour might see tour-takers exploring the layers of any neighborhood, from highlighting the history behind sculpture gardens, wandering art museums, checking out historic sites, and even stopping on street corners to look at the art, pop culture, and politics found in street art and graffiti.

These Art & Culture tours often feature specific time periods, as in the "Old Hollywood" in the Heart of Culver City tour.

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Children’s Activities

These tours are designed specifically to provide safe, fun, and engaging activities for those traveling with younger children. Adding hands-on, colorful opportunities for play will make any Children’s Activities tour fun for the whole family.

A Full Day for the Kids tour is filled with some great museums and activities, giving children a chance to learn while they have fun!

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Cuisine & Bar

A crowd favorite, Cuisine & Bar tours offer people the opportunity to sample fares from the local restaurant and bar scene. The tour experience can involve other elements, such as local history facts and culture along the delicious journey.

Are You Ready to Eat? offers great snacking options mixed in with fun activities to help make room for more food.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.07.39 PM

Fictional Story Telling

Add some flair by building your tour around Fictional Story Telling. The creative possibilities are endless, as you can make any neighborhood or locale your own by adding exciting details or even a fun audio narration.

Create your own story or center your tour around existing bits of fiction, like this Stranger Things Tour, Pieces of NC in Hawkins.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.17.22 PM


Choose from any number of historical periods, places, or people to craft an engaging History tour. Add in any relevant cultural themes, food spots, and important, and even lesser known, facts and media about a location to further engage tour-takers.

The Birth of Jazz through African American History tour weaves music and history into one powerful tour through New Orleans.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.25.02 PM


Literature tours are set around places of significance inspired by or found within a book, story, or literary work. Adding in specific references and media for these is important, as tour-takers will want a deeper connection with the inspiration.



Nightlife Tours offer customers an opportunity to dive into a neighborhood’s evening activities, which can feature anything including bars, music, snacks, or even nightclubs.

These tours can center around multiple themes, as you see in this tour, Theater District: History, Dining & Nightlife, which blends history and dining with chic nightclubs in Boston.

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Special Theme

These tours are the most flexible in nature, as the theme possibilities can revolve around any particular body of knowledge. Adding ghost tours, great food, or any particular specialty? Special Theme tours are for you.

Explore some of the eccentric and exciting stops found on the Walking Tour of Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Selecting a category while creating your tour.

Please note that a category must be selected for each tour you create, and only one category can be assigned per tour.

1. Go to the Create Tour page from the top right corner of your menu bar or the bottom of your sidebar.

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2. Select the appropriate category from the dropdown box on the Category field.

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