How does my dashboard work?

The Creator Dashboard is your one-stop solution for accessing all of your Built Story account details, create new tours, and monitoring the performance of your existing tours.

Logging in to your Built Story account routes you to your Creator Dashboard. From here, you'll have access to all of your necessary information and tools to help you become a successful tour-creator. Here, we'll highlight all of the features and functions to ensure you don't miss out! 

Accessing Your Dashboard

First, you'll need to sign in to your account at using a desktop computer. If you do not have an account, you can create one here

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From the main page, you will get an overarching view of your recently taken tours and your most recent payouts.

You can also access more in-depth information using the sidebar located on the left side of the page. 

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Please note that tours can only be created while logged in from a desktop computer.

Sidebar Features

Your sidebar, located on the left side of your Creator Dashboard allows you to get a deeper look at your account details. Below we will breakdown each of the sections located on the sidebar and their functionality.

Business Information

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This field allows you to update your banking and profile details. Once you've clicked on Business Information, you will see two available tabs. These are the Payouts and Account tabs. 

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  • Payouts

This section allows you to update or edit the account that you would like to have your payments deposited into, as well as see your recent payouts at a glance.

For assistance updating your payment details, click here.

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  • Account

From here, you can also edit your banking details, as well as update your profile information, and manage or add team members to your account. We break down each step below.

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  • Business Details
    An important tool for business owners, this section allows you to input the following information, making it easier for tour-takers who loved your tours to discover your business:
    • Business Name
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • Business Address
    • Business Phone Number
    • Industry 
    To edit this field, simply click on the pencil icon beside your business name.  
  • Management and OwnershipSome accounts on Built Story will be business accounts. From this section, you can edit the information of the person who is an executive or senior manager of the account and has the authority to represent the organization and be a primary contact for the account. The following details can be edited here: 
    • Email Address
    • Job Title
    • Address
    • Phone Number
  • Payout DetailsThis section allows you to access and update the account in which your payments will be deposited. To learn how to edit your payment information, click here.
  • Team Members 
    Update who has access to your account in this section. Once you click on Team Members, you will receive a verification code on your mobile device. Enter it into the provided field and follow the prompts to update your members.
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My Tours

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View and edit your existing tours from this section. To learn how to edit existing tours, visit How Do I Edit a Tour I've Already Published?

Sales History

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Get a complete breakdown of tours taken, along with the dates they were taken and reviews given in this section of your dashboard. 

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Payout History

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Visit this section of your dashboard for a breakdown of the revenue you’ve earned and the revenue that has been paid out to you, along with their corresponding dates.

Public Profile

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Create or edit your public profile in this section. Here, you can add your profile description along with links to your personal website and social media accounts.

Create Tour

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Most importantly, the Creator Dashboard gives you access to build your self-guided tours. Keep in mind that this can only be done through a desktop computer and not a mobile device.

For help creating your tour, visit How Do I Create a Tour on Built Story