How do I take a tour on Built Story?

Finding and taking the perfect tour has never been easier with Built Story's self-guided tour marketplace.

Taking a self-guided tour with Built Story is as easy as it is rewarding! Simply follow the steps below to get started.

1. Open your Built Story app.

From the main page, enter your location details, and click on Search this area.


2. Find your tour.

Browse through a list of tours available near you to find your best match. 



You can also filter these tours by category, age range, and mode of transportation (i.e. walking tour, driving tour, or bicycle tour) by clicking on the filter button on the top right section of the menu (highlighted above). Simply select the parameters you’re interested in to get the results that are more specific to your interests.



3. Select your tour.

Once you’ve found the tour that you’d like to take, click on Take Tour on the bottom of the page.


4. Enter your payment details.


Remember that every tour on Built Story is just $10, regardless of how many people you take with you on your tour. 

5. Take Your Tour.

Once your payment has been processed (it should only take a few seconds), you will receive access to the full tour details. Follow each prompt on the app to experience each stop.

Screenshot_2019-03-27 21-31-59_1

For each stop, you will receive the address and directions to the stop, along with information on the destination and supporting images, video, or audio files. The type of files may vary from one tour or stop to the next.


6. Share your experience.

In every stop, you will have the option to create a journal entry on the My Journal section of the app and share your experience with your followers on your social media accounts if desired.

My Journal


Social Media Share
journal 13

You will have the option to create a My Journal entry or share your experience on social media throughout each individual stop.

7. Proceed to following stop.

After each stop, follow the prompts to proceed to the next stop.

Screenshot_2019-03-22 12-38-44_1

8. Complete your tour.

Once your tour is complete, you will see this pop-up.Screenshot_2019-03-27 21-40-44_1

9. Review your experience.

From here, click on Yes to have the option to leave a review of your experience. We highly encourage you to leave a review of every tour you take, as your feedback helps our tour creators ensure that they are delivering the best possible experience.

Screenshot_2019-03-27 21-40-44_2